Originally, Lotte-Living was just an idea. But the idea quickly became reality, and Charlotte Kirchgaesser put it to the test: Can different people from diverse backgrounds really make a Co-Living arrangement work, especially when they had not lived in a shared flat for a very long time - or maybe ever? With shared flat no. 1, the experiment that was once only an idea soon turned out to be a success story. The first Lotte shared apartment symbolizes everything that makes up Lotte-Living - an inspiring Co-Living experience with interesting and interested people in a classy historical apartment in Vienna’s 8th district.

The residents represent those personalities that Lotte-Living appeals to: A savvy recruiter would call them “experienced hires.” These are people for whom respect and good manners are a natural part of their interaction with others. They are cultured and well-educated and enjoy the Co-Living experience


Charlotte: single, back in her old stomping ground, new to flat- sharin

She lived in Vienna back in the 1990s, and now she’s back after more than 20 years. Charlotte is single. After spending many years in very different cities where she always enjoyed living alone, she is trying it out to see how it feels to share living quarters with strangers. “An enriching experience,” Charlotte raves. “I’ve started many new things and have had so many new experiences. My co-residents expand my horizon - each and every day,” she says.


Alanna: expat, new in town, curious

She is the only one who is still close to the traditional flat-sharing age. In her late 20s, she is one of the youngest Lotte-Living residents. Alanna, originally hailing from Australia, came to Vienna to perfect her painting in this metropolis of the arts. “I was new to the city, curious about life here, and didn’t want to live alone,” she says. A typical student apartment share or sharing quarters with her colleagues from the Academy was not something she was interested in. “I’m in Vienna not just to study but to expand my life experience,” she says about her decision to move to a Lotte flat-sharing community.


Martin: manager, recently divorced, always on the go

As an international business consultant, Martin does a lot of traveling, so he is all too familiar with impersonal hotel rooms and apartments. “Coming back to a real home and not an empty apartment—that’s the real difference for me,” Martin says describing his impression of the Lotte flat-sharing community. “I think that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Because of my new personal situation, I was confronted with the question of where I would settle down in the short, medium, and long term. So I thought, I’ll try this for a while. Now I know that it was definitely worth it. It’s a surprisingly exciting form of Co-Living - you have all your freedom and yet there’s this sense of liveliness as well.”