In the mid-90s, shortly after her 30th birthday, Charlotte Kirchgaesser landed in the film industry where one of the jobs she held was Liam Neeson’s assistant. A native of Germany, who had had an international upbringing in America, Japan, France, and Austria, she worked with Hollywood’s elite. One of her assignments brought her to Rome.

A film project with Martin Scorsese was in the works, and it was up to her to find suitable apartments for the demanding guests from Hollywood. She was so successful that this led to a real estate venture that she called “La Casa Roma.” After spending twelve years in this business, Charlotte wanted a break - a special break. 

For a year, she lived in Okinawa and dedicated herself completely to the study of karate. After this extraordinary experience and looking for something new, Charlotte took on a house-sitting gig in Western Australia. One day, she asked herself: “If you could do anything you wanted with this big, beautiful house, what would yong was born.


Charlotte picked Vienna as her new, yet familiar home. This was exactly where she wanted to start her Co-Living project - in the heart of Europe. In the spring of 2016, she opened the first next-generation flat-sharing in the Josefstadt district, a charming district in central Vienna. Her third co-resident, management consultant Martin Bergler, was so enthusiastic about this idea that he became her business partner. Together, they invented and designed the Lotte-Living enterprise.