Charlotte Kirchgaesser’s biography sounds like an around-the-world ticket. Born in Germany, she spent her childhood and teenage years in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Stuttgart, and Salzburg. Then she lived and worked for several years in Vienna. She spent a number of exciting years in the film industry in the USA, Italy, and Romania, where she was involved with Hollywood blockbusters like Cold Mountain and Gangs of New York. In 2002, work brought her to Rome, where she became engaged in real estate. What started out as the search for perfect apartments for movie stars became her venture “La Casa Roma.” For twelve years, Kirchgaesser matched travelers with their perfect vacation rental in the Eternal City. In 2013, she followed her bliss and traveled to Japan, where she spent a year fully immersed in the study of traditional karate and kobudo with Grand Master Hokama in Okinawa, earning the nidan, the second-degree black belt. In 2015, Charlotte returned to Vienna and founded Lotte-Living.



Born and raised in Vienna, Martin Bergler trained in a technical occupation before he studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics. Both of these areas have remained an important part of his career, which he began in 1984 at a leading banking institution where he climbed the career ladder quickly. In 1989, Bergler became CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of a newly established bank. After spending 15 years in banking, he shifted gears and became the CFO of a rapidly growing, international IT corporation. Now, Bergler has been a freelance manager and business consultant since 2011, shuttling between Western and Eastern Europe from his base in Vienna. He has four children and is a passionate sailor. Since 2016, Bergler has been the Co-CEO of Lotte-Living.